Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Projects, Projects, Projects

August seems to always be the fastest month of the year for me.  I feel like it sneaks up on me and then sprints to the end of the summer, all the while, packing in doctor appointments, soccer practices, tournaments, camp, and trying to set up my classroom for the school year.  Why is that??  This year has proven to be no different.....I have been really busy with all of the above, hence the reason I haven't blogged in a while.  However, here are a few of the projects I've been working on.  They are all school related, but there are a few other crafty projects to be posted soon!  
My theme in my classroom this year is polka dots on chocolate....I think I already blogged about that.  :-)  I am also incorporating a few owls here and there because they are just so darn cute....I can't help it! 
Last year, I had a basket with a label, of course, titled Book Hospital.  I needed a place for my students to put damaged books for me to fix (and my desk is not an option).  It seemed the most logical solution.  I did like the basket, but I wanted something cuter this I really want to use that basket for something else.  :-)  This first picture is of my new Book Hospital.

Supplies Needed:
*Beverage Bucket.....Target $1 (fantastic deal!)
 *Baby Steps cartridge
 *Pink vinyl
 *Lots of ribbon

This next picture is of the step stool I am using in my classroom.  My students often use it to reach the top of our SMARTboard.  I had a red plastic step stool last year that I found at Target in the dollar section.  I think it cost me $2.50.  It held up great! did break because of my clumsiness.  Boo!  So...I found this wooden Target.  I just cut out some circles on my Cricut to jazz it up a bit.  Isn't it cute??

Supplies Needed:
*Wooden Step Stool
*Plantin Schoolbook cartridge---circles cut at various sizes.  I did use Roly Poly to get the empty middle.
*Vinyl--brown, pink, green

These next pictures show my new whisper phones.  These tools are used by students so they can hear themselves reading.  It's super neat how these work!  These are tools I have always wanted in my classroom, but have never had the money to purchase.  They are terribly expensive.  I think I found 12 for $70.  OUCH!  So....I went to Home Depot in pursuit of creating my own.  I had a friend who made hers, so it was rather easy for me to grab the supplies I needed.
Supplies Needed:
*PVC 3/4" Elbows (these came in a package---it was cheaper)-$2/pkg
*PVC pipe (which this great guy at Home Depot cut for me for free)-$1.50
I think for this whole project, I spent $20 and was able to make 30 whisper phones!  Much more affordable!

All I did was take two elbows and connected them with the pvc pipe.  Super easy! Then you get the following picture:

And because I like to have EVERYTHING organized in my classroom....I cut vinyl numbers (to match each student's number).  I put each number in the middle of the phone.  For the numbers, I used the Alphalicious cartridge.  I chose the short stack feature and cut the numbers at 2".

 This next project was Pinterest inspired.  I think I seriously have an addiction to Pinterest.  Oy!'s the project I pinned...okay....never mind....I can't figure out how to post a picture from someone else's blog.  Any tips, please help!  Here's the link instead...
I just thought these pixie stick birthday treats were here's my spin on the idea.

 For my birthday pixie stick treats, I decided to use the smaller pixie sticks.  I also decided to make a cute little bucket for the pixie sticks to go in.  I love it!

Supplies Needed:
*Create a Critter Cartridge--balloon (I used my gypsy to delete the face)
Alphalicious Cartridge--letters cut at 2"
*Peachy Keen Stamps--Everyday Character Face Assortment
*Bucket (I found these at Target last spring.  This was left over from some Easter baskets I made. They were $1 each, so I kinda stocked up.)
*LOTS of ribbon last project for tonight.....I really wanted a banner to hang back by my small group table.  It needed something fun and cheery.  I decided to make this READ banner, with polka dots and owls!

Supplies Needed:
Birthday Bash Cartridge--pennants cut at 6"
Create a Critter Cartridge--Owl cut at 4"
Alphalicious Cartridge--Letters and shadows cut at 4"

Thanks for hanging in there with me tonight!  Lots of projects going on!  I can't wait to share what I've done with some furniture!  Have a great night!


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Everything you did is awesome!! I showed your blog to my daughter, she is a teacher too! You sure worked hard. Hugs, Pam at

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