Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classroom Craftiness

As promised...I am going to post some of the things I've made for my classroom and a few other classroom related pics.  I would love any feedback you can give me, additional ideas, etc.  When I'm back at school getting everything set up, I will post completed pics.  I can't help myself....I have to decorate my classroom in a theme.....and I like it to coordinate....part of my teacher OCD, I suppose.  :-)  This year's theme will be polka dots, more specifically, dots on chocolate (I'm using a lot of the Creative Teaching Press Products), and throwing in a few owls here and there.  I figured the owls would fit they're so darn cute!  :-)

This first picture is of the labels I will put on the student cubbies.  I made one for each cubby 1-30.  Each student is assigned a number.  When they put their names on things, they also write their just helps me with organization and helps so I don't have to remake labels every year for files and such.

For these tags, I used the following:
-Creative Teaching Press Frame Cut-outs
-Cuttin' Up Cartridge-cartoon cut at 4"

This next picture is of the letters I'll use for my word wall.  I did all of the consonants in blue and the vowels in pink.

For these dots I used the following:
--Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge for the circles---shadow cut at 4", regular circle cut at 3"
-Cuttin' Up Cartridge for the letters--cut at 2"

This next picture is a poster I made.  I found this cute acrostic saying on a message board when I was searching for bulletin board titles with a polka dot theme.  I instantly fell in love with this!  I'm hoping to train my kiddos to say the poem after I prompt with "DOTS."  Cute, huh?!?!?

For this poster I used:
-Creative Teaching Press Dots on Chocolate posterboard
-Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge for the circles--cut at 4"
-Cuttin' Up Cartridge for the letters--large letters in the circles were cut at 3 3/4" and the rest of the letters were cut at 2 1/4"
          -I then used my Creative Memories punch to punch out different colored circles to add to the large letters.....these were cut at 3/4"

This next picture is of a poster with pockets labeled with numbers.  One way I keep my classroom library organized is by having these pockets.  Each student has a pocket (again, their number).  In each pocket will be 3ish sticks with a dot on top (also labeled with their number).  Each of my library baskets is labeled and has a pocket on the front of the basket.  I don't have a pic of that yet, but I will soon.  So...the student takes their dot stick and when they find a book they want to read, they put their stick in the pocket of the basket they took the book from.....that way when they go to return the book, they remember where they got it from.  Does that make sense???

For this poster:
-Dots on Chocolate library pockets

I like to use daily take home folders in my classroom.  I have found over the past 11 years of teaching (wow!  I can't believe it's been that long) that regular 2 pocket paper folders NEVER hold up.  So, I splurge and purchase the plastic 2-pocket folders for my students.  I tried this for the first time last year and they held up the ENTIRE YEAR!  LOVED IT!  There are a lot of cute acronyms for folders....I have found a variety of names for folders through I think the original idea was a M.O.O.S.E. binder.   I don't have the money to create binders for my students, so I just stick to folders. works for me.  A lot of websites you can print folder / binder covers, but I knew the paper would never stick with glue to plastic.  So....I made my own and printed them on 2x4" labels.  The inside will have labels on each pocket....on the left.....Left at Home.....on the right....Bring Right Back to School.

This next picture is just a super cute lamp that had a kind of dot-ish type feel to it....and I love the color.  I'm thinking it will fit right in!  Classroom library maybe???  I got it at Target.  I think they're on sale this week for $12.

So I HAD to make a few owls.....they are so cute....I think I'm going to hang one in my classroom library.  I might have to make a few more and hang them about the room.  :-)

For these cute little critters, I used:
-Create a Critter---cut at 11 1/2"

And now for classroom pics.  I was able to get into my room on Monday, even though the carpet hasn't been cleaned and the tile still needs to be done.  But....I got in and decided to take a few shots to share.  Our classrooms are L-shaped, so bear with me as I explain.

View as you look in through the door.  Sink / cabinets directly to your right.  SMARTboard just beyond that.

This is the back part of the L-shape.  Classroom library will be in back left-hand corner.  My small group table will go right near the white board (I think).

View of the cubbies and a learning wall.
View of the front of the room from the back.

Well...I think that's all for today.....thanks for hanging in there with my super long post today.  :-)  Feel free to leave any comments / suggestions / ideas you might have.


Pam said...

Your classroom will be so cute when you get it all put together. My daughter teaches kindergarten, she will be in her classroom next week. We are holding our breath because she is pregnant. Her due date has changed 3 times, now the say Sept. 14, school starts Sept. 7. We will see! I know the work it takes to get ready, so don't wear yourself out. Hugs, Pam at

Connie Gray said...

I want to be in your class! Your creative and colorful ideas are sure to inspire your students and will make the learning process so much more fun. I love, love the whisper phone for quiet reading. Your kids are in for a real treat this year!

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