Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iowa Hawkeyes Card....and a couple of others.

Last night I was feeling all crafty and wanted to use a couple of stamp sets that I bought while I was in Iowa in May.  I found these at a little scrapbooking store in Des Moines called Heirlooms By Design.  Here is a picture of the stamp sets I bought...
I've been really excited to use these and decided last night to play around with them.  I love the card I came up with.  I showed my husband and oldest son since they are two of the BIGGEST Hawkeye fans around.  The response I got from my husband was....

Hustband:  That's who are you going to give it to??
Me:  Really??  ( I start thinking....)
Me:  A frienemy!  :-)  a.k.a. someone I know who is a dear friend / sister-in-law (I heart u!), but unfortunately likes Iowa State (Boo!). (Insert evil laugh here.) I anticipate a card going in the mail for the Iowa / Iowa State football game in September! it is....

 Don't you think this is a perfect card to send to a fan on the opposing team?  What do you think??

And...since I'm on an Iowa kick....I remember telling you about my brother & sister-in-law's wedding back in May.  I made them a really cute banner to hang in their house.  I forgot to post the card that I made to go with it.  This card was super easy....simply just paper I found that had the Damask look that they used in their wedding and a flower / brad.  The stamp I used is from A Muse Artstamps .

Finally....this last card is a card I made as thank you notes to have on hand at school.  For this card, I used the Preserves cartridge.

That is all for now.  I hope you enjoy these cards.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love all three cards! The one for your brother/sister-in-law is very elegant. The apple card is super cute. Good job...can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Amy said...

Very cute cards! I love the apple card (I may be biased because I'm a teacher)! :) I'm a new follower, and I would love for you to check out my blog too! :)

Lauren said...

My friend Chelsea would LOVE your Hawkeyes card - I'll have to show her! :D

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